Cold Reading – An Introduction

Cold Reading
A cold reading expert can easily shock someone about how much they know about an individual and it seems that they can almost see right through the future – to the bigger picture or one underlying question you have had for the longest time. It can mystify any of us and leave us confused, wondering just how they were able to obtain certain information about us. Every day, Psychics are meeting new people so this technique comes as a natural habit for them.

Psychics have been using the power of cold reading for years now and will certainly continue to do so. One of the reading techniques of this is the ability to dive directly into someone’s mind.  There have been various journals and findings which date back hundreds of years ago, confirming that cold reading has been around since the ancient times.

The most fundamental element of this powerful technique is through observation. This is a very detailed observation which is quickly done upon entering or first seeing an individual. Often, the way a person dresses, moves or talks can give them an advanced start on their reading. Often, psychics who are much more advanced have perfected this and can easily look at one subject for just a few seconds and already know the attributes within someone’s life.

One example of this is by taking a person who is slightly overweight. Just by taking into mind this simple fact – the psychic can easily perceive that society is harsher on their life. They can easily cite certain problems including health issues, blood pressure, or even personal insecurities going on. This method alone is also called “profiling” and has been effective for quite some time now.

Often, a psychic will need to prepare before a subject comes. Each of them have their own techniques for cold reading and preparation. Most will use one method of gazing deep in a person’s eyes and making an introduction with himself/herself and the spirit world. They will often say that they are a bridge between the spirit world and the next. This usually prompts an individual to give out a few more details about themselves. In order for a cold reading session to go well, they need to acquire as many details as possible about you in a short amount of time.

Most psychics have learned through self teaching and continue to grow in a spiritual way from this. They can easily connect with people and stay calm in emotionally stressful moments or when they feel an individual is going through some hard times in life. Have you ever wondered what kind of people use these cold reading techniques? Click Here To Find Out


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